Sophie Knittel

02/1995  > born in Dresden, Germany
07/2013  > graduation (GCE A-Levels) from Gymnasium Dresden-Klotzsche

10/2013 - 03/2017  > studies in Fashion Design,
                        Fachhochschule Dresden (Germany)
09/2015 - 01/2016  > internship - Myrelle Couture, fashion design

            03/2017 > graduation: Bachelor of Arts - Fashion Design

                              Thesis: „textile crafts through the ages"

10/2017 - 03/2021  > studies in Textile Design,
                        University of Applied Sciences Hof (Germany)
10/2018 - 02/2021  > student assistant for hand weaving & material library

          07/2020  > semester abroad, Technická univerzita v Liberci (Czechia)

           03/2021  > graduation: Bachelor of Arts - Textile Design

                        Thesis: „symmetrical designing on the basis of ecoprinting technology“


since 04/2021        > freelance surface pattern designer


since 09/2021        > product developer and designer working full time

                         for a textile manufacturer


Since my childhood I've loved to do creative tasks with my hands. I always collected scraps of fabric, paper and threads to create something out of it. Especially textiles have been close to my heart ever since, so I decided to study fashion and then textile design to turn my interests into a profession.


During a study course I created my first repeating patterns in 2014.

Later, between 2018 and 2019 during my further studies, several cooperation projects with textile and fashion companies like Ernst Feiler GmbH and V. Fraas GmbH sparked my interest in seamless repeat pattern design.

After graduating with my second degree and a blank page for my next creative chapter in front of me, I started a full time job as a product developer to gather experience in and about the textile industry.

While still job hunting, I was reminded of some old plans of pursueing pattern design as a hobby-that-might-turn-into-more.


As a freelance surface pattern designer, I now create all kinds of patterns for all kinds of purposes and applicatons under the artist name Kisola, a neollogism made up from parts of my actual name.


As a kind of creative chameleon I'm working on finding my very own style, and simultaneously refusing to be put into a box of just one style. I love to experiment with new techniques and media to create my designs.

I can always depend on nature to inspire me, but mostly it's all kinds of colours, shapes, motifs and moods of everyday life that bring together my artwork and make this work my passion.


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