Magical Meadow

Peaceful, soft whispers of the wind and rustling leaves - nothing unusal in sight in the meadow, right? 

But look closely! Busy little animals live here, going about their daily business: swallows bring the mail, Mr Rabbits tends his garden and Mrs Squirrel comes home from the market.

Dragonflies flutter about and snails explore the mushroom species as the mice and hamster children search for four-leafed clover among the wildflowers and birch trees in the meadow.


The collection is inspired by vintage herbariums, letters and depictions of humanized animals as well as wildflowers.

The colourpalette is part of a design collaboration of 956 designs by 49 designers from 9 countries.

You can find out more about it on Instagram (check out the account @spdcolorcollab for that).


My Magical Meadow collection is made primarily for digital printing. All eleven patterns can for example be combined in a quilt or used to create indoor and outdoor home decor.

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